Week of March 20 – State call to action

STATE CALL TO ACTION: This is your state homework for the whole week. Remember it is easier to move the state than the nation.

In Michigan, the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to the legislative or executive branches of government. This was crucial in protecting politicians from accountability in matters like the Flint water crisis. And who knows what else we don’t know about the corruption in politics, because our state politicians are heavily protected from the press.
Dianda cosponsored the Legislative Open Records Act (LORA), composed of House Bills 4148-4157. It passed the house unanimously.  It went to the Senate where Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhoff (R-Ottawa County) sent the package to his own committee, the Senate Government Operations Committee, so the bill could be killed, as he is publicly opposed to the bill.

Similar legislation was introduced separately in the Senate as Senate Bills 246-247.
You can read the text and see the status of the separate legislative efforts at these links (you will need to re input the various numbers to read each collection in its entirety):

HOUSE BILL 4148 – 4157

Here is your action:
1. Call Senator Casperson (who is your senator) at (517)373-7840. “Hello, my name is (name) calling from (city). I am calling to encourage Senator Casperson to support Senate Bill 246-247. Likewise, I ask that Senator Casperson pressure Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhoff to support House Bills 4148-4157 which are currently tied up in the Government Operations Committee.”

2. Call Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhoff at (517)373-6920. “Hello, my name is (name) calling from (city). I am calling to register my support for House Bills 4148-4157 which Senator Meekhoff referred to his own committee so that he could block them. I am very disappointed by Senator Meekhoff’s actions.”

3. If you have any steam left, call Representative Dianda’s office and thank him for cosponsoring this bill at (517)373-0850.
“Hello, my name is (name) calling from (city). I am calling to thank Representative Dianda for cosponsoring House Bills 4148-4157.”