Greetings, FAM. I just learned (via the FAM FB page) that SB163–the bill that would have the state develop and issue a plate with the message “Choose Life,” the proceeds of which would go to a fund controlled by the anti-abortion group Right to Life Michigan–is on the Governor’s desk for signature. You can see the progress of the bill here. It was presented to him yesterday.

Please take a moment this afternoon to contact Governor Snyder and urge him to veto SB163. You can contact him via email here or you can call 517-335-7858. You can use the following script if you would like (adapted from one provided by Michigan Resistance):

“Governor Snyder, I am contacting you to voice my strong opposition to SB163, the ‘Choose Life’ license plate bill. This bill is an attack on women’s health. I oppose exploiting State resources to subsidize an organization that doesn’t even provide health care, but focuses instead on conducting its own political campaign.

The proposed license plates do not generate money for education or contraception access, two things proven to reduce abortion rates. I disagree with the creation of a fundraising mechanism for an ideological group that stands in the way of reducing abortion rates.

Governor Snyder, please courageously prioritize women’s health by focusing on solutions for the state’s high unintended pregnancy rates and for reducing abortion rates. Please don’t sign SB163.”


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