The GOP managed to push Trumpcare through the House, but remember that it’s not over yet. This article from the Washington Post gives an excellent overview of the different things that could happen as the AHCA moves to the Senate (we’re on step 2). Take a few minutes to read it; I think you’ll find it encouraging.

Before we focus our attention on the Senate, however, let’s flood Jack Bergman’s offices (DC: 202-225-4735 TC: 231-944-7633 Marquette: 906-273-2227) with calls telling him exactly what we think about his voting yes on this immoral, irresponsible bill.

Some talking points:

  • Tell him how the AHCA would affect you or someone you love
  • Tell him that you believe it was irresponsible for him to vote for the bill without knowing its CBO score
  • Tell him that you will remember his failure to vote in the best interests of his constituents come 2018

If you feel fired up to make more calls, you can call (844) 241-1141 to be randomly connected to one of “the most politically-vulnerable Representatives who voted for the yesterday’s terrible health care bill” courtesy of today’s Daily Action. The purpose of these calls is to make “an example of these future ex-Congressmen in order to send a warning to the Senate (ahem: Senator Heller and Senator Flake who are both up for reelection in 2018).”




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