Congress will be voting on the American Health Care Act, the bill to repeal and replace the ACA, Thursday afternoon despite the fact that the Congressional Budget Office has yet to score it. This lack of a CBO score means that the GOP actually has no way of knowing how much the bill will cost or how many people it will cover.

Please call Bergman (202-225-4735) today and urge him to vote no on the bill. If you are feeling ambitious, you could call other MI representatives–numbers listed below–as well (you might especially want to call Fred Upton to let him know that you are disappointed that he has caved to Trump.

Script (via Michigan Resistance FB page): “Hello, my name is [X] from [CITY]. I am urging Representative [X] to oppose the updated version of the American Health Care Act, which does nothing to address coverage losses, and still puts people with pre-existing conditions at risk. The Upton Amendment doesn’t come close to solving the problem. Will Representative [X] agree to vote against, and publicly fight the updated bill?”

  1. Justin Amash, (3rd District; Grand Rapids): 202-225-3831

  2. Fred Upton (6th District; Kalamazoo): 202-225-3761

  3. Dave Trott (11th District; Bloomfield Hills): 202-225-8171

  4. Tim Walberg (7th District; Monroe): 202-225-6276

  5. Mike Bishop (8th District; Rochester Hills): 202-225-4872

  6. Bill Huizenga (2nd District; Muskegon): 202-225-4401

  7. John Moolenaar (4th District; Midland): 202-225-3561

  8. Paul Mitchell (10th District; Shelby Township): 202-225-2106

Update: Bergman’s DC mailbox is full (which is a good sign) so you may want to try his Traverse City or Marquette numbers first. I was able to leave a message with the Traverse City office. Remember, the vote is happening this afternoon, so call now:

TC: 231-944-7633
Marquette: 906-273-2227


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