Good afternoon, FAM.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 2) is the vote for for the Houghton-Portage Township Schools 2017 Bond Proposal.

I personally plan to support the proposal because I believe that it will allow for necessary infrastructure and facilities updates–not only the much-discussed updates to athletics facilities, but also updates to classrooms, restrooms, and the HS auditorium; to information technology; to heating and ventilation systems; and to the parking lot configuration (I can personally attest to the fact that the current elementary school drop-off/pick-up situation is untenable and unsafe, so I’m really happy to see that a solution is in the works).

Here is the link to the informational brochure about the bond proposal so that you can review it and make your own decision.

Please get out and vote, FAM!

Voting Locations & Hours – All Polls Open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Tues, May 2

City of Houghton
Precinct 1 – Houghton Fire Hall (for residents west of Bridge Street)
Precinct 2 – Dee Stadium (for residents east of Bridge Street)

Portage Township
Precinct 1 & 2 – Hurontown Fire Department
Precinct 4 – Doelle Senior Center




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