It’s nasty out there today, FAM, and it’s likely to be nasty tomorrow, too. Good weather for making some calls.

State (via Michigan Resistance): URGENT. Call Senator Casperson at (517) 373-7840 today and urge him to oppose SB163, the “Choose Life” license plate bill. This bill was recently approved by the Senate Transportation Committee (chaired by Casperson) and would have the state develop and issue a plate with the message “Choose Life.” According to a recent MLive article, the proceeds would “go to the Choose Life Michigan Fund, controlled by anti-abortion group Right to Life Michigan.” Here is a suggested script from Michigan Resistance:

“I am opposed to SB163, the ‘Choose Life’ license plate bill. This is an attack on women’s health. I oppose exploiting State resources to subsidize an organization that doesn’t even provide health care, but focuses instead on conducting its own political campaign.

The proposed license plates do not generate money for education or contraception access, two things proven to reduce abortion rates. I disagree with the creation of a fundraising mechanism for an ideological group that stands in the way of reducing abortion rates.

Senator Casperson, please courageously prioritize women’s health by focusing on solutions for the state’s high unintended pregnancy rates and for reducing abortion rates.”

State (via Michigan Resistance):

“Urge Michigan House Republicans Not To Eliminate Vital Services: Republicans are developing the state budget, and we are deeply concerned about proposed cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Education, and Environmental Quality. Their proposal would eliminate funding to vital programs and services such as, homeless shelters, Meals-on-Wheels, funding to water testing in schools, and many others. There is an alternative budget being presented called the ‘executive recommendation’, and it doesn’t have these cuts, so we are asking Republicans to support this instead.

Please call these State Representatives who we think could be swayed to oppose these tax cuts:

Representative Cox (Livonia): 517-373-3920
Representative VerHeulen (Cedar Springs): 517-373-8900
Representative Pagel (Berrien Springs): 517-373-1796
Representative Afendoulis (Grand Rapids Twp): 517-373-0218
Representative VanSingel (Grant): 517-373-7317
Representative Inman (Traverse City): 517-373-1766
Representative Allor (Alpena): 517-373-0833
Representative Brann (Wyoming): 517-373-2277
Representative LaSata (Benton Harbor): 517-373-1403
Representative Marino (Harrison Twp): 517-373-0113

Hi, I am calling to ask Representative ____ to OPPOSE the proposed cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services, School Aid, Higher Education, Environmental Quality, and Natural Resources. The programs supported by these departments provide essential services that many Michiganders depend on it. These cuts will make our state much less competitive and put the lives of those that depend on these services at risk.

We must have a state budget that supports programs and services that helps Michiganders flourish. I know that there is an alternative budget being presented called the executive recommendation, and I know that it is a much more compassionate budget that does not eliminate these cuts. I am asking that the representative stand up for Michigan and OPPOSE these budget cuts and accept the executive recommendation. Thank you.”

Federal (via Daily Action)

“Today, Donald Trump is proposing a $2 trillion tax cut that almost entirely goes to corporations, hedge funds, law firms and real estate partnerships like his own business. Today’s Daily Action is to call the House (Bergman: 202-225-4735) and give them a reality check: don’t even try it.

Trump’s plan adds to the deficit with no attempt to even pay for these tax cuts – there’s nothing included to raise other taxes or reduce spending to make up the difference. If our elected officials are going to make a deal with Donald Trump, they’d better show us first how every single dollar in tax cuts gets paid for. Otherwise, we are holding them accountable.
This has been tried before in the 80s under Republican policies that were so terrible that one of their own – George H.W. Bush – summed it up as “voodoo economics” because you’d have to believe in magic to think that tax cuts could “automatically” pay for themselves.

There are ideas on both sides of the aisle that have been tried and shown to fail. But there’s a big difference between making a mistake and REPEATING a mistake and our message for Congress today is do not repeat this terrible mistake.

(To receive Daily Action alerts, text DAILY to 228466.)”

Suggested script:

“Hello. My name is (NAME). I am calling from Michigan, and my zip code is (ZIP). I am calling to urge Representative Bergman to say no to Trump’s tax cuts. These tax cuts amount to a windfall for businesses, like Trump’s, and a ballooning budget deficit for the United States.

Don’t let the legacy of your public service be contributing to a crippling budget deficit, say no to Trump’s tax cuts.”




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