Good morning FAM! This week, political action organizations such as Daily Action, Indivisible, and Michigan Resistance are encouraging us to call our senators to demand that they oppose Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Luckily, both of our senators have gone on record to say that they oppose his nomination, that they support the planned filibuster, and that they plan to vote “no” on cloture.

Federal. Why not call our senators to say thanks for standing up to the GOP and opposing this extreme nominee to the Supreme Court?

Senator Stabenow: 202-224-4822
Senator Peters: 202-224-6221

Federal (via Solidarity Sundays). As you have no doubt heard, on March 28 Trump signed an executive order meant to undo Obama-era climate change policies. The action organization Solidarity Sundays asks that you “call your MoCs and let them know that you do NOT approve of 45’s anti-environment executive order; ASK where your MoCs stand on it; and (optional) share a personal story of how air quality/environmental regulations affect your/your health/your family

‘Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from ______ to say how upset I am by Donald Trump’s executive order on the Clean Power Plan. It won’t create jobs—it will create more pollution. It creates a threat to the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as the public health of millions of Americans, especially children, who live with asthma, heart disease, and more. Can you please tell me what ________ plans to do about this devastating order? [OPTION: Share your own personal story about how air quality/environmental regulations affect your health/your children’s health].'”

When you call Bergman, you could also thank him for his opposition of cuts to Great Lakes funding and suggest that this executive order might also run counter to his stated objective of preserving the “long-term environmental and economic integrity of the Great Lakes.”

Representative Bergman: 202-225-4735




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