Hi there, FAM! It’s good to be back with you, even if only virtually. Here are our action suggestions for today. If you only do one thing today, call Bergman to register your strong opposition to TrumpRyanDon’tCare, a.k.a the American Health Care Act (see the federal action below). While you’re at it, you can follow this link to share your story <https://www.whitehouse.gov/obamacare-share-your-story>  with the White House about how “Obamacare” has affected you.

Local (via FAM calendar). The Houghton County Board of Commissioners <http://www.houghtoncounty.net/commissions-board-meetings.php>  Meeting is this evening from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Houghton County Courthouse, 5th floor.

State (via FAM state Facebook group). Call to express your concern about Line 5. A member of the state FAM Facebook page posted that she had succeeded in reaching the Attorney General’s office in Lansing yesterday to express her concerns about the Line 5 pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac. See this article <http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/03/enbridge_line_5_ed_timm_psab.html>  for more information about what Line 5 is and why people are concerned about it.

Here is what happened when this FAMmer called the Attorney General Lansing office:

“the staffer there asked for my name and phone number and told me that I was ‘put on the list.’ When I asked what that meant, I learned that the office is tallying everyone who calls about Line 5. She did not give a timeline for the tally. But hey it exists!”

If you are also concerned about Line 5, call the Attorney General to express your concern. Lansing office number: 517-373-1110

Federal (via Michigan Resistance). Call Representative Bergman (DC: 202-225-4735; TC: 231-714-4785; Marquette: 906-273-2227) and demand that he oppose the American Health Care Act – “This bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act and simultaneously cause millions of Americans to lose their insurance coverage. Millions more will see coverage reductions and increased prices.”

Here is a script you can use, courtesy of Michigan Resistance. Sharon says that Marquette FAM is calling today too, so let’s help them flood his phone lines:

“Hi, I am calling to ask Representative Bergman to OPPOSE the American Health Care Act. It is not fair that my family and neighbors will see our prices increase while the wealthiest Americans will gets thousands in tax rebates.

Our older family members will see prices rise, and hospitals will see job losses with the decrease in care coverage. The damage to the economy and my family’s pocketbook is troubling. I am asking that you vote AGAINST this bill. We need Americans to have health care and for everyone to pay their fair share.”

If you are feeling ambitious, you can also call these other Republican Reps:

Justin Amash, (3rd District; Grand Rapids): 202-225-3831

Fred Upton (6th District; Kalamazoo): 202-225-3761

Dave Trott (11th District; Bloomfield Hills): 202-225-8171

Jack Bergman (1st District; Traverse City): 202-225-4735

Tim Walberg (7th District; Monroe): 202-225-6276

Mike Bishop (8th District; Rochester Hills): 202-225-4872

Bill Huizenga (2nd District; Muskegon): 202-225-4401

John Moolenaar (4th District; Midland): 202-225-3561

Paul Mitchell (10th District; Shelby Township): 202-225-2106


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