Hi FAM! I’m posting the League of Women Voters of Michigan’s recent Advocacy Report, which I found very helpful in seeing which bills I want to track closely. I hope you find it helpful, too. The report details which upcoming bills in the Michigan House/Senate the League supports and opposes. I’ve included links to the full text of each bill:

Advocacy Report of the Michigan League of Women Voters of Michigan!

The following bills were supported or opposed by the Board after review by the Advocacy Committee:

HB 4199: Restricts Oil and Gas drilling in large counties (>750K) – prohibits oil and gas wells within 2,000 ft of residential building in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties (only three counties with that population)

Establish Natural Resource Commissions:
SB 154/HB 4201; Creates Water Resource Commission
HB 4202: Creates Oil & Gas Commission
SB 156/HB 4200: Creates Air Pollution Oversight Commission

SB 155: Requires municipal water supply systems to test water for lead, using methods specified by federal authorities and prescribe other conditions on collecting samples

HB 4148-4157: Brings the state legislature under the Freedom of Information Act.

SB 173: Distributes assets & student record keeping responsibilities for Charter Schools that are terminated or not renewed.

HB 4205: Limits state department rule-making authority by prohibiting a state department from promulgating rules more stringent that required by Federal standards.

SB 129: Weakens regulations for small native copper mines

HB 4003-4006: Makes it easier to carry concealed weapons and hunting knives for those over 21 yrs.

HB 4192: Replaces Core Curriculum with Massachusetts’ 2008-09 Standards.

SB 162: Prohibits state funding for organizations that provide abortions.

SB 164: Requires facilities providing abortions to be licensed surgical clinics.

Legislative Interviews: We completed work on the questions for legislative interviews and a packet will be sent to local League presidents.


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