(Michigan Resistance) Support House Bill 4090 – This bill says you can’t shut down schools unless you engage with the local community first and address their concerns.

Representative Kelly (Chair, Committee on Education Reform): (517) 373-0837

Representative Hornberger ( Vice-Chair, Committee on Education Reform): (517) 373-8931

Representative Dianda:  (517) 373-0850

“Hi, I am calling to ask Representative _____________ to stand up for our democracy and SUPPORT bill 4090. If you truly believe in local control for the public education system and support the notion that Michigander have the right to excellent local schools, you need to support 4090.

Students deserve to attend schools in their community that are accessible and accountable, and this bill will create a system where schools are not closed without proper steps taken to protect the students and their families. Communities are supported by their schools, and when schools are closed the community suffers. Please support bill 4090. Thank you.”


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